Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here's to Deals!!...(not the chain store :-))

In my last post I mentioned that my FAVORITE find from the last garage sale-ing expedition was still to come!!

Here it is, TAA DAA!!!

The nice man that sold me this table said that it was his grandma's...and he wasn't the shifty given his info and the fact that it looks like it has original peg construction, it might be quite old. has been repaired and reinforced numerous times, and one leg had broken off, so besides being in generally sad shape, I am under no illusions that it has any antique value...

But guess how much it was!! Come on, come on, guess, guess!!!

SERIOUSLY!!! Get out of town!!! I thought the tag had fallen off of something else!! He really was asking ONE dollar for this beaut!! So I gave him five because I felt guilty about only giving him a dollar for this great table...that had been his grandma's already... for the big repair...I glued it.

'K bye.

:-)) Really, it was that simple. The leg had just snapped off horizontally in a narrow spot. There wasn't much surface area, and I could easily fit the two pieces together, so it really was a perfect break for an amateur to fix!!

The fact that the leg was perfectly vertical was also a bonus since it meant that I just sat it right side up after gluing, and put some weight on clamping necessary...

Here it is glued and cleaned...yay!!

Still not perfect, but perfect for what I have planned for it :-)) And I DO know that the price tag is still on...its going to stay for awhile...I think it adds to the charm...:-))

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here's to GARAGE SALES!!!

I know that it is kind of late in the season to talk about GARAGE SALES...but as long as they are still around, I'm SO there!!!


So this weekend, my sweet boys went with me to a few more...and we got some fun things that I thought I would highlight!!

I am watching Hoarding on TLC as I write this...That show makes me sad, but is distastefully intriguing at the same time and so I have to talk about *stuff* for a minute. I feel very strongly about not letting my love of garage sale-ing, thrift store shopping, crafting, etc. either get out of hand in our home or be an excuse for anyone else to accumulate excessively...

It's easy to find great stuff and great deals...but how to use them!!! Well, here are a few ideas...

First, we went to the best kind of garage sale...Mom's!! :-)) Woohoo, free stuff!! ;-)) I was very restrained and only took home a few things, and this vintage, great-condition suitcase was one. I didn't have a specific plan for it when I took it home, but I had a vague idea that I would use it for storage of some kind...and voila!! I have no formal dining room and no linen storage, so this became the new home for the tablecloths that I occasionally use!!

The interior was in great condition, but still had a little bit of a funky odor, so I put a dryer sheet in the bottom...

And here it is in its new home under the old radio cabinet in my living's not even full, so I could add napkins or out-of-season linens...

I also picked up this great brass magazine holder...that now holds the boy's piano books at the side of the piano...

Finally, I got these sooo cute white glass dishes and the pumpkin sign...I love garage sales for seasonal stuff, as it is usually a really great price [read CHEAP here], and the white dishes worked great for holding little kitchen items that needed to be corralled...

You could also store sweetener packets, toothpicks, spice packets, Kool-aid packets, or tea bags in these. (BTW, there are freshener balls for the garbage disposal in the dish with the lid...that usually goes by the sink!!) And don't even get me started on bathroom items...cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup, hair doodads, nail polish, feminine items, etc, etc, could all be stored in ever-so-organized vintage sweetness!! :-))

And there's more...I'm saving my favorite purchase of the weekend for the next post since it inspired a whole room reorganization!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned, follower!!!!!!!! ;-)))