Friday, November 12, 2010

Here's to Adorable Little Boys!!

Get ready to amp up the cuteness in here!! :-)) I was so pleased with the results of this little makeover...and it was really very simple! I started with two pictures that had been given to me by sis HBAPJ (she gives me the best stuff :-))...

They had a dated look, and the frames really screamed 70's!! (They actually look much better in this picture than they did in real life!!) But their adorable little faces kept drawing me in...I just couldn't put them in the give-away pile!!

So after living with them for awhile, I decided that they needed a little revamping...spray paint, here we come!!

I took the pictures out of the frames, and sprayed the frames with an almond color that I thought would compliment the colors in the pictures better than straight white...then I distressed the frames (meaning I didn't spray paint them perfectly and when they were dry, I sanded them a bit - easy peasy!!).

Delightful, but I had one more charming idea!! I took a *smidge* of Mod Podge,thinned with a drop of water, and painted it on a few highlights in each picture, then added just a skosh of glitter...

OH SO PRECIOUS!!! (And very subtle in real life!!) I just love the hint of sparkle that catches the light, and the frames now compliment the soft colors of the boys instead of overpowering them!! What charming art for my own towhead's room!! :-))