Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here's to Dinos (and other old, slow things!!)

Oh, groan...It's been awhile!! I am starting this year out at a dinosaur pace...:-))

Partly because I am working more outside the home, and partly because I am kind of in a winter of creativity...but sometimes we just have to sit quietly and let the seeds of new things do the great work of preparing to grow!! And in those times it is paramount to hold onto the belief that Spring will come!! :-))

So I have a little project to share with you that I did a while back and never posted...

I started with this picture that I bought years ago at a church garage sale for $1. It was a little 80's-ish, (OK, a LOT 80's-ish) but I thought it might fill an empty space with color!!

So I had it for awhile, didn't really use it, gave it to Mom, she didn't really use it, she gave it back to me, it sat in the garage...then I got a great idea!!

I had this cool dino picture that I got at the local art institute end-of-semester sale and wanted to frame, but just hadn't found the right frame (size- and price-wise). I wanted something that would really highlight the picture and be, well, free...:-))

Oh, how I love it when things come together so serendipitously...:-))

I just disassembled the piece and removed the picture and mat, then spray painted the frame black. (I probably should have primed it, but just did a couple of coats.) Then I took it to my local Hobby Lobby and got the dino top-mounted on a medium-grey mat. The mat plus assembly fee was inexpensive (like, under $15), and saved me the trouble of putting it all back together!! :-)) This picture is closer to the true colors of the piece...

But it's fuzzy, which drives me nuts, so here it is one more time in lovely clarity!! :-))

Of course, the dinosaur craze in our household is now waning, but there is still enough interest that this will be relevant for awhile!! And it's just cool 'real' art for a kid's room!!