Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here's to Kiddos!!! :-))

I have kiddos!! Love 'em!! So I thought I would post a few ideas I have had for entertaining them and corralling the massive amount of STUFF that comes along with the little lovelies...:-)))

I don't know about anyone else, but we seem to get a promotional mailing from the local car dealerships about twice a day...seriously!! And they often have a 'real' key that MAY start a car that we COULD win...haven't yet :-((

So one day as I was about to drop the fifteenth key in the trash, I got the brilliant idea to let child #2 have his own he is all about driving...(Funny story - right before his third birthday he actually told us that when he turned three he could probably cute!!)

#1 - great way to reuse those FREE keys that come along, and #2 - his own keys to 'start' any engine!!

Next we have the wall of art!!

I knew when my kiddos were little that it would drive me crazy to have paper all over the frig...there had to be another way!!!

I needed a large space and a way to easily change out whatever paperwork / artwork would be displayed...enter our long empty hallway wall...the PERFECT palette!!

This hallway is so long and narrow it is terribly hard to get a good picture...but I put four small nails in the wall in a roughly trapezoidal (yup, its a word - I checked ;-)) shape. Then I wrapped twine around the nails to outline the top and bottom of the trapezoid and inside the trapezoid in an 'X' shape. (Use the word 'trapezoid' often?? teehee ;-))

I used clothespins to hold the gorgeous artwork...and voila!!

I love how easy it is to change stuff out, and it fills up the big, white, empty wall that needed something!! (And my frig is perfectly clear except for the zillion alphabet letters on it!!)

And last but not least - big machines!!

Construction equipment is serious business at our house...but I realized early on that it would just be more fun to have something to *actually* I got a couple of bags of decorative rocks (much cleaner than those gathered from the yard, since this would be an inside work-site!!), and a large, flat grocery box...great for digging, dumping, AND storing the big machines as the whole thing can be pushed under the dresser when no work is scheduled!!!