Monday, March 7, 2011

Here's to Easy Peasy!!

Well, spring is on its way, the tulips are poking out of the ground, daylight savings is coming...and here I am again!! I am getting a desperate yen to spray paint something, and I have a ton of fun projects to tackle and share, so hopefully warmer weather and shorter work days will be here soon!! ;-))

In the meantime, I have an easy peasy project to show you that was SO fun!! I've always wanted one of these bed desks...last fall I was given one that had been in a basement and just needed some TLC.

This photo really highlights the basement cruddiness that was on the tray part of the desk...the tray has a heavy cardboard piece that was covered on top by glass. The glass was dirty and just needed a good clean...and the cardboard had water stains, but wasn't warped or damaged in any other way.

So I decided instead of replacing it, I would cover it...I used some spray mount that I had that was about a thousand years old (but still seems to work!), and a roll of wrapping paper that looked like lace over a paper a cool way...;-))

I also had to clean the desk really well as it was filthy...and replace a little corner piece for stability...

I also decided to go with the distressed look for simplicity's sake...just cleaning between all those little slots drove me slightly batty...I shuddered at the thought of sanding (which I hate anyway) all those tiny, awkward surfaces...shudder, shudder!!

When it is not cool to distress stuff anymore, I will mourn deeply the passing of the trend that is so loved by those of us who don't like work and have the attention span of a three-year-old (or an actual three-year-old ;-))).

So here is the adorable finished product...

Now if I could just get someone to serve me something in bed...;-))