Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here's to Laundry Calmness!!

I am so excited to show you what I did!! Remember the great $1 table that I glued together in the last post?? Well, here's what I did with it!!

Ok, ok, ok...I'm getting ahead of myself...

I have a great little space off of my kitchen to do laundry...(read, throw stuff into)...and it was a mess...

Just keepin' it real here...:-))

I couldn't afford a REAL makeover (tearing off that ugly wallpaper; new, front-loading washer and dryer; a little built-in storage...a girl can dream right...;-)), but I was tired of opening the door to do laundry (which I don't hate doing, much more tolerable than floors, shudder, shudder) and stepping over that awful mess.

So I pulled everything out that was on the floor...

Ahhhhh...better already!! Most of it was STUFF that needed to go, I was just being waffley...:-)) Then I put the storage shelf on top of the table...it just made sense to put the vertical space to use in that small room...

I then spurged and spent $9 for a new rag rug and window hardware...

And I even USED the great work space provided by the table for the curtain rod installation!!!

Found the perfect place for my great grandmother's jello molds...

And then the day after completing the mini-transformation, I spotted this nifty shelf at Goodwill...so for another $2.99, I got even more storage in this little space!!

I brought it home and Cloroxed the snot out of it...(and hopefully everything else icky and sticky, teehee ;-)) That purchase brought my grand total to $13 spent on renewal!! I used new-to-the-space curtains that I already had, and all the storage bins and baskets I already had...so YIPPEE!!!

Now I walk in just to admire the unclutteredness of it all...:-))) And to visit my girl...:-))

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  1. one observation, one idea.
    I can't see the top shelf, but I do see shelves with metal skirts. Are those shelves attached to the back wall to keep them from being pulled over or just toppling on their own? That's a quick fix with u-shaped brackets, not messy, but it could restrict movement of the wood table below it. Also, how about make a pretty blue & white gingham topper with maybe 4-6" overhang to keep your paper supplies and plastic containers a little more lint and dust free. Once in a while remove and shake outside. Mrs. Robinson ya done yourself proud.


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