Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here's to Just Going For It!!!

Today's project is a lesson in what CAN work!!!

I picked this footstool out of a neighbor's trash pile...(words I swear to you I never thought I would say...I am becoming one of THOSE people...;-)))

It was a little rough...but the shape drew me in, and it was really solidly constructed with a cute little lid and storage!!

I SO love multifunctional furniture!!!

My initial thought was to just clean this up and spray paint the heck out of it...then I started thinking twice...I worried about the wicker not holding up, the paint not going on well then flaking off right away, and the seat cushion getting messed up in the cleaning process...

BLAH... this sat in my garage for a few months...until the spurt of cold weather (and the growing pile of *projects* in my garage, this being one of the easier ones) convinced me that I needed to do something with this little guy...

I put it in the Goodwill pile, sadly certain that I really couldn't fix this one...

Then after not getting to Goodwill for a week, I decided that if I tried to paint it and it didn't work, it wouldn't really be in any worse shape for Goodwill, right?? (Ummm, logic anyone?!)

So I did it...I got out my handy dandy black spray paint and tarp and went to town...

WOW, WOW, and WOW!!! I couldn't have been more surprised at how well it went!! The paint went on easily, covered well, and looked great!!

So in one of the easiest 15 minutes of spray painting ever, I got a great new-looking little footstool!! Now, I don't even use expensive paint...oh no, I use the cheapest 99-cent spray paint I can find...

(Kindof reminds me of the classic, "Waiter, this wine is old...bring us a bottle of your FRESHEST wine..." :-))) Love me some Steve Martin!!

So anyway...IT WORKED!! GREAT!! I love my cheap spray paint!! And just to give this guy a little more protection, I put on a quick coat of sealer. :-)) Done!!

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  1. This is the best pizza-in-a-cup you can get. People come from all over to this stuff. He put the other pizza-in-a-cup guy out of business.


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