Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here's to Time!!

So here is a fun project I did recently!!

This cute little platter came in a garage sale box of other things that I wanted...I actually tried to leave it there (as I am pretty sure it is missing a glass insert of some kind that fits in the middle), but no dice!!! And I really wanted the other stuff in the box...:-)) That means I get to call this *free*, right!!

Not that I don't appreciate the silvery/flowery cuteness of it all!! But what to do with it? I almost gave it to Goodwill about three times, and just never quite could...Then inspiration hit!! A clock!

I had a hole drilled in the center of the platter (drilling is WAY past my pay grade ;-)) and bought a little clock-making kit at a craft store.

I also bought longer, black hands (that I didn't take a picture of), as the hands that came in the kit were tiny and gold-colored, not so great with a silver back drop...I thought it was HILARIOUS that the kit said I could "create time"...if only, right!!!!!

Not so hilarious were the total lack of instructions regarding assembling of said do-it-yourself time creation dohicky...But after a little bit of fiddling, I got it together...really, it was fairly straightforward and I didn't even break anything!! YES!! :-))

I finished after dark, so here is my cruddy indoor picture of the finished project...

I wasn't sure about it 'til I hung it up on the cute!! And it was really so easy...will definitely be "creating time" again soon up in here!! ;-))

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  1. If I haven't already said this, I'll reiterate my thoughts about this and earlier blogs: you could be a ghost writer for Martha Stewart! Colleen and I love your posts and super cool craft ideas Bekah!


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